This essay explores the concept of instant nostalgia in relation to graphic design by drawing parallels between popular culture and western and eastern design.

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Designing for Exhibitions

Visual identity of the conference Designing for Exhibitions (2014) which focused on the roles of design in exhibitions and exhibition making, held at Central Saint Martins, London, UK. The projects seeks to expose the politics of the museum and confront the role of the exhibition designer in the context of not only an evolving discipline but also of contemporary political and cultural phenomena.

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Occupied Times – Madness

Cover for the ‘Occupied Times’ 24 (2014), which focuses on the politics of madness. The cover seeks to reveal connections between politics, economics and mental health by proposing multiple readings of the financial and political news provided by mainstream media.

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Connect the Dots: Graphic Design, Politics and Criticism

‘Connect the Dots’ was the title of an evening of two talks on graphic design, politics and criticism at the London College of Communication on the 16 January 2014. The first explored the Conservative Party’s use of the billboard poster prior to the British General Election between 1979 and 2010. The second proposed a definition of the terms ‘critical design’ and ‘critical practice’ through a series of case studies.

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With A Spatula In Her Hand

This essay was originally published in a Spanish booklet about the work of the Dutch design studio Experimental Jetset, in 2010. It was written in response to the awkwardly-posed question “What to you is Experimental Jetset?”. I’ve been listening to shittier music lately.

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New World Parkville

New World Parkville (EDP Foundation, 2011) is a book that critically archives the latest work by the Portuguese artist Margarida Correia. It investigates the visual legacy and cultural traditions of Portuguese immigrants in Connecticut (US), by photographically documenting objects, photos and members of the local community.

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